10/9/12 ‘Taking the Michael’ Premiere Screening

Taking the michael poster v3 web

It’s the premiere screening of our new film ‘Taking the Michael’ on Fri 23rd of this month. Here’s a bit about it:

“Matt is an improbable hero for uncertain times. He’s not sure how, or even why, but he knows he needs to go on an important journey.

‘Taking The Michael’ is the story of his unlikely odyssey through ancient and modern Britain. The documentary traces his progress down the St Michael’s
Ley Line (a supposed ‘energy’ line and ancient pilgrim route) through South West England to St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, with reluctant filmmaker Ian
Nesbitt in tow.

Travelling in a pedal-powered 1968 Bond Ranger (as one reviewer puts it – ‘like a Robin Reliant without the macho posturing’), the pair’s curious post-peak oil
pilgrimage is a surreal and occasionally eerily prescient journey through this green and pleasant land. The film has been described variously as a search for
new ways of considering our collective future, a vigorous testing of the relationship between documentary maker and subject, and a truly idiosyncratic quest
for another way of life.”

Come along and see for yourself!

Here’s a facebook page
Here’s a trailer

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