Film For Thought

Pour me another still

Film For Thought was a 3 year collaboration (2009-12) between initially Ian Nesbitt, and then Out/Side/Film from 2011, and users of homeless,
substance misuse and mental health services in Nottingham. It operated as an open collaboration and skillsharing experiment, focusing on
access to a public voice for homeless people.

The group made three films: ‘Into the Drink’ (2009), ‘Not Just Pounds and Pence’ (2010) and ‘Home is where the Roof is’ (2011). The first two
films were both nominated for the national Michael Whippman Award, and ‘Home is where the Roof Is’ was selected for the internationally touring
Homeless Film Festival 2012.

Into The Drink (trailer)
Not Just Pounds And Pence
Home is where the Roof is

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