Out/Side/Film is a grassroots community organisation and experimental film production company, operating from Sheffield,
UK since January 2011 and registered as a social enterprise in Dec 2012. We are committed to improving opportunities and
raising wider awareness and understanding of the issues faced by marginal and excluded communities through film and
digital media. The group is experimental in terms of film production in that each project is an open and non-hierarchical
collaboration with all participants, with a view to people engaging on their own terms and to their own ends with cultural
production of the highest quality.

Out/Side/Film specialises in creating collaborative video content with people from marginalised and excluded communities
and building platforms and audiences for the resulting work. Projects may result in the creation of documentary film and
peripheral social histories, community blogs, media skill share projects, and other experiments.

Out/Side/Film has also produced two feature-length productions – ‘Arise, You Gallant Sweeneys!’, about the experiences of a
group of Irish former migrant workers, and ‘Taking the Michael’ about off-grid communities and individuals living on or
close to the St Michael ley line that runs through South-West England. Though produced on miniscule budgets, both have
enjoyed widespread attention in national and international media (The Guardian, Irish Times), international festival
screenings and a TV screening in Ireland.

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