This is a film about OPERA (Open Public Experimental Residential Activity), a project by Studio Polpo exploring collective forms of living. It uses the freedom and stealth afforded to performance to introduce temporary and sociable residential uses into city centre locations. The film was made withStudio Polpo for the ‘Housing – A Critical Perspective’ conference in Liverpool in April 2015.

During OPERA #1 part of an empty department store in Sheffield was turned into a house for ten days. Temporary eating, living and sleeping facilities were installed and this experimental residential space was opened to invited guests and members of the public. Each evening guests were invited to cook and share a meal, host domestic activities and stay the night.

This film was made at the start of the second OPERA residency in Sheffield, this time at Theatre Deli, a short-term arts space on The Moor. It captures some of the discussions about housing, shared living and empty buildings that have been raised through the project and shares OPERA with those who have not participated in person.


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