27/7/15 The Cut!


Exactly one year ago on July 28th 2014, Ian Nesbitt set out with avant-folk collective Dead Rat Orchestra as they embarked from London Canal Museum, bound for Bristol on the canals and waterways on Southern England. ‘The Cut’ is a film made up of a series of daily entries that reflect that idiosyncratic journey. The daily entries will be shared day by day exactly one year on.

The band set out to chart these inland waters, gathering an informal history of England’s once thriving industrial arteries, exploring social, historical and musical roots, and to share their findings through performances along the way.

The films serve as a parallel odyssey, each day’s experiences relentlessly accumulating, as band members become less autonomous masters of their destiny and more as intractable elements of the history that they and their gloriously inappropriate vessel the ‘Gemini II’ set out to tame.

The band’s own voices and instruments become immersed and entangled in the sonic environments they pass through to create new and unexpected music of the waterways.


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